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3 September 2020
Knowledge and innovation for circular transition -Digital event streamed live from Oslo

Livestream from event: 



Deloitte Study of Circular Economy: 


SINTEF: Jobs, economy and emissions: Calculating the impact of a Norwegian Circular Economy:


Circular Norway Gap Report: 


UN Global Compact Stakeholder Report: 



Deloitte: Caroline Hagen Persson

Deloitte Study on the industry potentials, barriers and policy measures for a circular economy in Norway .pdf 

SINTEF: Susie Jahren

SINTEF the Impact of CE on Norwegian emissions, economy and jobs .pdf

Standards Norway: Jacob Mehus
Standards Norway Standards as a driving force in the circular economy.pdf

Innovtion Norway: Inger Solberg
Innovation Norway How can the business support system contribute.pdf

Circular Norway: Alexander Christiansen
Circular Norway Circularity Gap Report Norway.pdf

NTNU/UNEP International Resource Panel: Edgar Hertwich
NTNU UNEP int. resource panel Material use within the carbon budget.pdf

ILO: Marek Hardoff

ILO Designing Better Circular Economy Policies.pdf

Circular Change/European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform: Ledaja Kosnir
circular economy stakeholder platform.pdf 

SITRA: Kari Herlevi
SITRA Circular Economy Roadmap Experience from Finland

Batteriretur/HydroVolt: Fredrik Andresen 
Batteriretur HydroVolt.pdf Circular change european 

Metabolic: Pieter van Exeter
Metabolic 3 Strategies to Meet Human Needs.pdf   

Innovation Norway: Magnar Ødelien

Innovation Norway EEA and Norway Grants.pdf 

The Research Council of Norway: Janicke A. Giæver
The Research Council of Norway Funding opportunities for CE.pdf

Innovation Norway: Eva Langslet

Innovation Norway EU funding opportunities for CE.pdf 

Innovation Norway: Trine Smukkestad Lavik

Innovation Norway Intro to digital matchmaking.pdf


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